Washingtoni Magyar Református Egyház

Hungarian Reformed Church DC

The history of Hungarian worship services in Washington, D.C. can be traced back to 1936, when the Hungarian Reformed Federation of America opened its central office here. This occasion was celebrated by a Hungarian worship at Grace Reformed Church.

In the next decades, worship services were held regularly at different intervals by the pastors of the Reformed Federation. Ferenc Újlaky, Zoltán Béky, István Szijártó, István Balogh, Edmund Vasvary, Joseph Kecskeméthy, George Borshy-Kerekes, Árpád György, András Harsányi István Muzsnai, Tibor Chikes, Mihály Hőgye and others served the community in this period. 

In 1982, the Reformed community decided to formally become a missional church. Dr. András Harsányi and Dr. Imre Bertalan served the Church as pastors. Since then, the services are held monthly at the chapel of Wesley Seminary.

In 1993, the Hungarian Reformed Church DC became a full-fledged church. In 1994, Dr. András Harsányi retired from his position. The Church elected Dr. Bertalan as leading pastor. In 1997, Wesley Seminary and the Church has started a scholarship program with the support of the Chikes family. With this sholarship, a student of the Debrecen Reformed Theological University participates in a two year program of  the Seminary and serves in the Church as assistant pastor.